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From: Jan Lawrence (tjlaw)
Date: Tue Sep 28 21:00:39 1999

John A. Veazey

My husband's ggrandmother was Mary Ann Veazey. She died in 1871 in childbirth in Chambers Co, Ala;her father was John A. Veazey, her mother Nancy Howell McKinney m 5 Jan 1845. I would love any information on either of her parents. Your website is fantastic. Thanks!

From: Bethany Lynn Veazey
Date: Mon Sep 27 21:42:17 1999

Veazey's in Louisiana

I come from the Pecan Island, Louisiana Veazey's. My father is James Glen Veazey. My grandfather is Jacob Glen Veazey. My great-grandfather was Ulysse Veazey. My great-great grandfather was Theodore Andre Veazey. It was strange to read about so many Veazey's - it's not a common name down here!

From: Craig A. Busch (
Date: Sat Sep 25 21:09:04 1999

Veazey in Louisiana


I stumbled across your site and am very interested to see if you have a connection to my great-great grandmother. Her name was Mathilde Eugenia Veazey from St. Martinsville, Louisiana. She married David John Reid in 1845 and ended up in Lake Charles. Any information about her family would be appreciated.


From: Dale & Mary Kay Ball, Genealogist (
Date: Mon Sep 20 12:18:44 1999

Nancy Veasey-Hamilton

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you! We are so excited to find your site and look forward to gathering more family tree information!

From: Barbara B. King (
Date: Sun Sep 19 21:57:02 1999

A great site!

Ann - Congratulations! You've done it again - this is a great spot to visit, and I'm sure you will have much success with it. I just found out about it today and will definitely check it out from time to time. Thanks for all the good work!

From: Christa Green (
Date: Sun Sep 19 20:02:47 1999

Hoping to find a link?

I have just begun the search into my family lineage, and I was so pleased (I actually clapped!) to find the Veazey-Veasey website! I couldn't believe I could be so lucky. My link to the Veasey name is through my grandfather, Wallace Vandergriff Veasey who resided in Alabama. His siblings were Charles, Harry (or Harold), and Imogene. I am at a loss as to who my great-grandparents were, as he never spoke of them. I am particulary interested in the Vandergriff connection, but would love to trace the Veasey line as well.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

From: Benny Barnes (
Date: Fri Sep 17 01:07:33 1999

Nancy Veazey & John Hamilton

My Great-great-grandparents, John Hamilton & Nancy Veazey were married in Saline Co. Arkansas, near Sheridan, Arkansas on July 27, 1853. The 1860 Saline Co. census shows John Veazy, age 65, living with John & Nancy Hamilton. I have much information on some of the children, but nothing more on Nancy Veazey. Thank you for providing this site.
Benny Barnes

From: Carl Veazey (
Date: Mon Aug 30 23:34:37 1999

W're finally on-line!

Ann and Mary Ann,
Glad I finally found you. I have copied a lot of the site for my Dad. You have done a wonderful job. I'm flattered that Jemima's book means a lot to you. You know, that really was kind of a one in a million shot the way it all worked out! Keep up the good work.
Cousin Carl

From: Kathleen Honeycutt Veasey (
Date: Sat Aug 21 11:17:17 1999


Great & interesting site. Thanks for all the
information & your hard work!

My husband is Charles Larry Veasey of Grenada,Ms.
His father: Grady Charles Veasey (suppose to be
Grady Cortez Veazey but he changed it)d.4/13/1976.
Born 5/14/1911 & married Annie Kathryn Massey born
9/22/1911 d.5/9/1970 They had two children:
Charles Larry Veasey 11/3/1935 Married:3/15/1958 to Kathleen Honeycutt b.11/11/1934. 4 children:
Charles Larry Veasey, Jr. b.12/12/1958
Kathy Sue Veasey b.12/9/1959
Juanita Gwendolyn(Wendy) Veasey b.9/20/1962
Jennifer Anne Veasey b. 10/12/63

Their daughter is Kay Lucille Veasey b. 9/16/1942

Father of Grady Veasey was :
William Joseph Veazey b. 12/16/1886 d.5/8/1964
Married to Lillie Mae Doty b.11/30/1886 d.6/26/2941. One child which was Grady

William Joseph father:Tom Cain Veazey - only know
he died in 1936 in Attala Co. Ms. His wife was:
Mary Wade and she died 6/24/1945. They had 5
children: William Joseph Veazey
Lou Ella Veazey

From: Doug Charlton (
Date: Wed Aug 18 08:07:54 1999

Veasey family in Somerset, England

I would love to hear from any other co-descendants!

From: Jackie Presley (
Date: Thu Aug 12 12:12:49 1999

Thomas Veasey/Ann Elizabeth Flake of Georgia

A beautiful, functional page, Ann. Thanks for pulling all this confusing family data together. I need help as I appear to be a part of the "mystery" Veasey family. My grgrgrandmother was Eppsey Ann Veasey, born 1822 in Georgia, died 1853 in Talladega area of Alabama. Supposedly shse was the daughter of Thomas Veasey and Ann Elizabeth Flake, who married in 1814 in Warren Co., Georgia. Thomas was a son of James Veasey, Jr. who married Ann Johnson according to your book, Ann.
Would really love to corespond with other descendants of this branch of the VZ's.

I am loooking for any document that would list the children of Thomas and Ann Veasey.

From: Verita Davis (
Date: Tue Aug 10 02:35:24 1999

What a wonderful project

I was just visiting and you have worked extremely hard and the reward is outstanding for the work and what pride. This is such a pleasing site to see. I have connections with the Veazey family in St. Amant, Louisiana; my step-mom. They are such a wonderful family, warm and made my family of four feel like we were always in the fold. Wish all the families in the world could be so friendly. I know now that it was an honor for me to meet and get to love this special family in Louisiana, and I am very thankful.
Keep up your hard work, I know it is a labor of love. IT IS GREAT!

From: Doug Haught (
Date: Tue Aug 3 13:47:45 1999

Mary Ellen Veazey daughter of Lyttleton Meeks Veazey

Mary Ellen Veazey married James Francis Marion Atchley in Grant County, Arkansas and they migrated about 1908 to Old Greer County, Oklahoma. I have a lot of information on her family but would like to share stories about the Lyttleton Meeks Veazey family and all subjects pertaining to the family. Her oldest son was Lyttleton Harrison Atchley(Pete)my grandfather and his oldest daughter was my mother Velma.

From: Jennifer Gibbs (
Date: Mon Aug 2 02:29:47 1999

History/origin of VEASEY name

My boyfriend is David Alan Veasey Jr. originally of Birmingham, AL, born in 1973. We are interested in finding out the georgraphic origin of his surname; we've heard Nordic and Scottish or Welsh tossed around. Can you please help clear this up for us? Thanks so much. Alan & Jennifer

From: Tammy Veazey (
Date: Wed Jul 28 23:20:11 1999

Proud to be a Veazey !!!

My sister Teresa Veazey Sanderson signed your book
loved the webpage.Our daddy is Charles Hue Veazey
mother is Mavis Ann Black. My daddy's parents are
Coy Hue Veazey and France Aline Veazey. My daddy's grandparents are Earnest Warren Veazey and Lona Claire Veazey.My daddy's great grandparent was Jim Veazey, dont know his wife's name.
Have a great aunt Mary Alice Veazey Ray, hope to get in touch with her ,to give you more information.

(No longer living)
Jim Veazey
Earnest Warren Veazey And wife
Coy Hue Veazey

I'm single and live in Greenville Ms.

From: Larry R Cole (
Date: Tue Jul 27 11:24:55 1999

Stephen Veasey and descendants

Stephen Veasey and family lived in Hancock County, Ga in the 1830's and 1840's. The family then moved to Pike County Alabama. I am hoping that you are able to tie this line in with the lineage you have traced. If we are related I would sure appreciate any additional information available.

From: Sherry (Veazey) Brehsears (
Date: Wed Jul 14 15:00:51 1999


I got information from my sister that you were out here on the web. I am the daughter of Willie Veazey, son of Oscar Green Veazey. My sister Liz has been in touch with you but thought I would add my pieces in myself.

From: Diane Veazey Watkins (
Date: Mon Jul 12 08:59:56 1999

My father was Eugene Loren Veazey, Jr. He was born in Granville County, NC May 11,1911. He had a brother, Pete, and a sister, Francis. Do you have any information on the NC Veazeys? I have not yet seen your complete website but have heard of you a few years back from my cousin, Cecil Harris. Thanks for all your work on our family.

From: Karl Schmidt (
Date: Sun Jul 11 12:53:27 1999


Sorry that is Elizabeth Veazey, NOT Ekizabeth.

From: Karl Schmidt (
Date: Sun Jul 11 12:51:39 1999

Any connection?

Let's see where this goes... a little history.
Johannes Arrants married Ekizabeth Veazey, daughter of James Veazey, on March 21, 1751, at St. Anne's Episcopal Church, North Elk Neck, Cecil County, Md.

Elizabeth was born circa 1753 and died after 1768. They had seven children: Mary Anne, Julia, Sarah, William, John, James and Ed. Any connection that you know of between Arrants and Veazey?

From: Geoff Vesey (
Date: Mon Jun 21 05:11:10 1999

Vesey's in Australia

In the Western District of Victoria, Australia the Vesey family have lived for past 100 years. Knowledge how they arrived or where they orginated is not clear. We know of other Vesey's in New South Wales but there appears to be no connection.
If any body has any information that may assist in the origin or means of arrival in Australia would be appreciated.
My father, Albert Edward was born in Colac, Victoria 31.01.1919.
I (Geoffrey Alan) was Born in Colac,25.05.1950

I have appreciated being able to add to this guest page and the knowledge gained has been valuable.

From: Ouida Veazey Edison (
Date: Sun Jun 20 23:38:53 1999

Hi. I'm the daughter of Amos Paul Veazey, born on Forked Island, La., son of Stranislaus Numa Veazey of Pecan Island and I live in Pasadena, Tx. How nice to discover Ann's site and quite by chance find all those "cousins". It's nice to find so many Veazeys from all over.

From: C. Grant Veazey (CGVeazey@aol)
Date: Wed Jun 16 00:37:11 1999

My name is Grant Veazey I'm from Hopkinsville Ky
My Father is Dan Veazey, My Grandfather was Amos Veazey, both from Hopkins Co. KY (Madisonville).
Where Veazey is like Smith. I loved the site just wanted to sign the guest book.

From: Carol Cleverdon (
Date: Tue Jun 15 18:52:37 1999

Grandmother was a Veazy

My grandmother was Exa Lou Veazy married to T.L. Crouch. They lived and raised eight children in Lanett, Alabama. I don't know much else about her, however and/or whether she came from your Veazys.I am passing this information on to my Dad for Father's Day, hoping he'll see a connection.CC

From: Robert Kasting (
Date: Sun Jun 13 23:09:37 1999

Thank you

Ann I want to thank you for all the work you have put into the Veazey history.

From: Amos Paul Veazey (
Date: Thu Jun 10 19:36:52 1999


I was born on Forked Island, La; son of Numa Stanislaus Veazey & Elizabeth Myers. Siblings: Lanus Veazey, Stella Fuschak, Adele Veazey, Paul Veazey & Paula Wyatt. Love to hear Pecan Island Veazeys

From: Perry Veasey (
Date: Tue Jun 8 18:47:27 1999

Alnwick Castle, County of Northumberland, England

Well, my family and I did indeed visit Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England on our vacation to the British Isles........Oh my, what an imposing structure, it actually took my breath away, just knowing that in our past, this place could have very well been awarded to an ancestor of ours. It is pronounced "Ahnick" by the residents that live in the delightful village that surrounds the castle. We took numerous pictures and anyone that's interested in seeing what it looks like, I will scan them too you. We drove (on the wrong side of the road!) about 1200 miles in 7 short days including visits to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales and a very large portion of England. We had a wonderful time and I would encourage any and all to visit "our" roots and see for yourselves.

From: Sandra Paty (
Date: Mon Jun 7 23:14:28 1999

reunion and Karen's message

Hi. My Grandfather was Clarence Veazey(that makes Sharon Veazey Smith my first cousin)My mother is Lillie Veazey Paty. I can't wait for the reunion to meet everyone. And Karen just for you I live in Sheridan and Littleton was a great great uncle of mine. So you found some cousins. Good luck on the rest of your search and feel free to email me for what I know about uncle Littleton. Sandra

From: Karen Heili (
Date: Fri Jun 4 20:38:39 1999

Veazey's of Ark & Indiana

John Veazey born 1795 (gr-gr-gr-grandpa)
Littleton Meeks Veazey born 1830 (gr-gr-grandpa)
John Shelbey Veasey born 1866 (gr-granddad)
son- Thomas Alexander Veazey (daughter Violet (Pug) Veazey)
daughter- Clara Veazey Married Curtis Graves(grandparents)
Clara and Curtis have 3 children John, Leonard and Evelyn.
Evelyn Graves married Earl Darrough who are my parents.
I've just started with this family thing and wonder if any of these are related to this site?
All the granddad's were in Arkansas, Jefferson, Pine Bluff, and Sheridian. My grandparents were in the Kokomo Ind area.

From: Sharon Veazey Smith (
Date: Fri Jun 4 18:45:31 1999

Hi! I was told about your website today. I'm the daughter of John Edward Veazey. He was born in Sheridan Ar, (Center Grove Community) on August 13, 1934. He was killed in a traffic accident on October 11, 1998. His parents were Clarence Veazey & Toncie Croy.
He had 1 brother. C.A. Veazey. 4 sisters. Eunice, Jettie, Lula, Lillie.


From: don leamy (
Date: Sat May 29 22:54:42 1999


I am researching the walmsley family in the earlville,cecilton area of cecil county and I think they were intermarried with your ancestors in the 1800s. Any verification of this would be appreciated!

From: Susan Veasey (
Date: Mon May 24 20:56:08 1999

Hi Ann,
All I can tell you is my grandfather and great
grandfather were named Jack Veasey. They
live in Phenix City, AL. My great great grandfather
may have been Barney Veasey, a member of the
Georgia Grays in the Civil War. My uncle, Joseph
Veasey got this information some years before he
died. This is the only information I have. I mainly
would like to know if I am from the Irish or English
Veaseys. There were some of my second cousins
I didn't know too well who were Catholic. Thank
you for whatever you can find.

From: Allyn Veazey (
Date: Sun May 23 21:50:56 1999

OK and TX Veazeys

My husband's family hails from OK and TX. His father is Louis Alvie Veazey and there is an additional (brother, I think) by the name of Leo Veazey. This particular branch of the tree is currently residing for the past 50+ years in Amarillo, TX. I'm just starting my search on the name and lineage, so any and all tips are welcome.

Loved the site!

From: Annette Veazey (
Date: Sun May 23 14:41:46 1999

Veazey reunion

Clark & I are coming to the reunion. We will send our registration fee of 174.00 this week.
We look forward to seeing you

From: Carol (Vezey) Flood (
Date: Sun May 23 01:44:10 1999


Dear Ann,
What a nice site!
Still trying to get copy of my grandfather Walter Vezey's wedding picture that resembles Squire Alfred Moore Veazey soooo very much.
Still hunting Darius Daniel Vezey and his son Charles Darius Vezey b. 1870 CA. Time will tell.
Hopefully someday we can "link" us all together!!

Thanks again for all your hard work!
Carol (VEZEY) Flood

From: Charlotte Veazey-Davis (
Date: Thu May 20 20:35:50 1999

Hello from Hot Springs, AR

Hi Ann - My mother received one of your newsletters and passed it on to me. What a nice surprise! Mom & Dad, Charles Veazey, divorced when I was only 5 and I had little contact with the Veazey family early on but became very close the last few years of his life. However, I never got a chance to learn much about his heritage and I am anxious to know more!

Business takes me out of town the week of the family reunion here but I am interested in your book & newsletter. Please keep me posted!

From: Teresa Veazey Sanderson (
Date: Tue May 18 20:54:12 1999

The Veazey Family

Hi Ann,
I think this is a great thing your doing. Keep the good work up. Hope to here from you soon.

Date: Thu May 6 12:18:08 1999

great web site


From: morris todd veazey (
Date: Tue Apr 27 09:09:17 1999

in search of

great page though the family crest i have is quite different i am sure we are family some how. as far as i can tell my branch of the family tree is from Corbin Kentucky. My great-grand father is from Huntington WV. whose name i can not remember. My grand father is Morris King Veazey Sr., his children are Morris King Veazey Jr., Janet Veazey-Weant, John Veazey, and Joseph Michael Veazey. I am the son of M K Veazey jr.. if any information you might have would be helpful to my aunt Janet and I. (she can be reached and

From: Rebecca Veazey (
Date: Thu Apr 22 16:21:47 1999

Veazey Kids

Hey! I'm 13 and looking for younger Veazeys to talk to,so I would know some people at reuions,I don't know many of my relitives! So help me find younger Veazeys! I love Soccer:)

From: Diana Veasey DeVito (Dianadevit@aolcom)
Date: Mon Apr 19 09:57:18 1999


This site is terrific, Ann. I'm looking forward to reading all the other entries. For others reading this, I am descended from William Henry Veazey and William Harrison Veazey and am thrilled with this wealth of new information!

From: Diane Veasey Lindsay (
Date: Sun Apr 18 18:51:07 1999

The Warwickshire (England) Veaseys

Hello Ann,
I'm seriously impressed with this vast number of American "cousins" and the fascinating story of the American line. I am directly descended from John Vesey, a miller, of Peatling Magna, Leicestershire, England, who produced four sons, amongst them my 7xGreat grandfather, Abraham,(bapt.1660) who married Sarah Snow in Harborough Magna, Warwickshire, in 1687. I too have a huge database on the Warwickshire/Leics Veaseys,and the name generally, and I wonder if you have any inkling where the American branch sprang from originally.
Did you know that there was a Bishop Veasey in Warwickshire in the 15th century? His name was actually Harmon, but apparently he took on his mother's family name.
Best wishes,
Diane Lindsay

From: Elinor Vassey (
Date: Sun Apr 18 18:36:53 1999

Another variant spelling

I checked your website soon after we learned of it through Dick Eastman's newsletter. Decided there were no Vasseys in the bunch. At the time we were looking only for the Vassey spelling. Now have learned our Vasseys' parents might have been Vassars. Have just signed up for the Vaisey List and will write more detail on it.

From: Trudy Lewis (
Date: Sat Apr 17 19:59:04 1999

Veazy and Carpenter connection

Hi. My cousin Edna Carpenter sent me some information on my genealogy about two years ago and guess what? we connect. My mothers mother was Lillian Carpenter from Durham.

From: Hostess, Ann, herself (
Date: Thu Apr 8 21:02:10 1999

Return message to Marie Virginia Veazey-Gonzales

I was unable to send a message to Marie using the email address as shown. It was returned to me. Unfortunately, I cannot locate her grandfather, Isaac Veazey, in my database with this limited information. I would love to try again, if she will send me an email message so that I can get the address correct.

From: Marie Virginia Veazey-Gonzales (MGONZALES_VPEDROZA@EMAIL.COM)
Date: Thu Apr 8 19:38:30 1999


I am trying to locate anyone who has information about Joseph Howard Veazey's family. He is my father, birthdate 7/3/1890-95, born in Fort Worth, Texas. His father's name was Isaac and his mother's name was Marie Elizabeth. He had several brothers & sisters: Blanche, Laura (Annie Laura), Helen, Martin, Cecil, James.....

From: Perry Veasey (
Date: Sun Apr 4 12:35:33 1999


This is my second addition to the guestbook, my wife nona and I are preparing to leave for the British Isles on May 8, 1999 for a glorious 2 week vacation starting in London, May 8th with a reunion with our daughter Amy who has been a student at Saint Clares College at Oxford this semester. After her semester is finished, we intend to drive north to Alnwick Castle at Northumberland to visit an apparent ancestral castle. From there a few days in Scotland, maybe at Loch Lomond and then south west to Wales and Ireland to visit friends in Dublin. If any of our extended family sees this and would like to chat or visit, email us, we generally check our mail frequently. Ann, thanks so very much for all your help and hope to see you again at a future US reunion...........

From: Eleanor Veazey Bowers (
Date: Sat Mar 20 13:29:39 1999

Signing the register.

Hi, Ann. Just wanted you to know that we have located and read the Veazey-Veasey page. Very Good! Hope to see you in Hot Springs. Love to you and Wayne.

From: Ilda Praggastis (
Date: Fri Mar 19 02:40:46 1999

VEAZEY..I'm gggrandaughter of Susan E Veazey

Good to find your website. Am looking for info on gggrandma Susan. She was born 1Feb1851 died in Weakley County TN on 21Feb1887. She married J.C. Bessent 16Jun1869 and had 6 children. I have their bio's if you want them.

Also looking for info on a marriage of Ann WARFIELD to a VEAZEY probably early 1800's.

Any info you can send ..I will really appreciate.


From: Cheri Woodward-Hensley (
Date: Tue Mar 16 00:48:54 1999

I am the daughter of Willie E. Woodward, Jr. I think your website is really interesting. I hope it helps my father find out more information about our family. I don't really know much about my family history so I will have to find out much more from my dad so your website will benefit me more.

From: Willie E. Woodward Jr. (
Date: Mon Mar 15 17:53:54 1999

Wonderful Web Page

Hello Ann, i think the Web Page is wonderful!
I am the Great Grandson of Luecretia Ann Veazey,
she was Married to Johsua Akin Woodward.
I have been working on my family history for years, but kept comming to block when i got to My Great Grandmother,
Thanks again for the Wonderful Web Page
Now i know i have many many cousins out there.

From: Dot Steele (
Date: Wed Mar 10 20:58:48 1999

Just stopped by for a visit.


You family site is very nice. I don't know if we are related thru the Umstead line or not, but it was fun stopping by.

Thanks, Dot

From: Margaret Stroud (
Date: Tue Mar 9 08:05:03 1999

Veazey/Barnes of Cecil Co Md

I loved your book & noted recent addition of Barnes to Veazeys of MD. Robert Barnes of MD State Archives descends from MD Barnes family & has lots of data he said he'd be glad to share.

From: Wendy (
Date: Tue Feb 23 18:56:25 1999

Paris, TN Vz!

I never knew we had a Vz website...this is great! I always knew there were alot of Vz's (especially in Henry County), but I didn't know there were this many! Very impressed with the website!

From: Norma Fisher (
Date: Tue Feb 23 12:54:08 1999

Possible family connection

Jerusha VEZZEY/VEASEY m. Lemuel EVANS about 1750,Phila,PA Son: William EVANS ,OH then to TX AZ

From: Leon A. Veazey (
Date: Mon Feb 22 22:02:26 1999

I'm a cousin!

My Dad is Robert Franklin Veazey (Born 12/29/44 in Pine Bluff Arkansas/Raised in Rison); His father was Urbon Franklin Veazey (Born in June of
1921 in Sheridan, AR I think; and died in Little Rock in July, 1986); His father was Oscar Green Veazey (also of Arkansas). Any information anyone can give me I would appreciate! Thanks!

From: James M Veazey Sr. (
Date: Fri Feb 12 16:13:16 1999

Just leaving a message

My Fathers Family was from Pecan Island L A. He had six brothersa and 5 sisters. I would like to hear from any veazeys outthere. Your Veazey friend James Veazey.

From: LLiz Veazey (LIZ320@JUNO.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 10 10:59:49 1999


My father was Willie Jackson Veazey of Rison Arkansas. Had 2 brothers, Urban and one who was killed in a tornado as a child. I would like more info on the John Veazey from England, and if anyone knows of Oscar Veazey, my great grandfather or his wife Dramie, I would like to hear from you.

From: Dennis Paul Veazey (
Date: Mon Feb 8 10:12:05 1999


I just recieved information on the reunion from Nancy Veazey Barentine, and I'm glad I learned of it. I accessed your web site out of curiosity, and am amazed!!! I didn't know anything about the Veazey history. My father was Raymond Pat Veazey and my grandfather was Elza Pryor Veazey. Apparently my granfdfather, who died when I was very young, didn't pass much information to Dad, or it didn't sink in, because very little was passed on to me. Dad and I were both born in Gerty, Okla. I understant Grandpa got the land in the Okla land rush. Anyway, I am anxious to learn more.

From: Curtis Lewis Langley (
Date: Tue Jan 26 00:02:00 1999

Gloria Ponder-Veazey Family

Hello Ann, I enjoyed talking to you on the phone and appreciate the E-Mail you sent. Gloria Ponder is my Great-Grandmother's sister's Granddaughter. Her Grandmother was LuElsie Veazey Heard and my Great-Grandmother was Annie Veazey Langley, children of James Washington Veazey and Martha [Cassie] Cassina Rutland Veazey. Well enough for now I will get the other Information to you real soon E-Mail. By the way great Web site.

From: Alesha Walker (
Date: Thu Jan 14 16:11:33 1999

Cecil County Veasey!!

Hi Ann! I am a student attending West Virginia University and I wanted to tell you how great I think your page is. Although the dates for my family are slightly off we are included! I myself am not in the book but my father is. Gregory Walker son of Mary Elizabeth Veasey-Walker and James Russell Walker. My great-grandmother was Virginia Veasey. I met you years ago at a reunion in Cecil County. I wanted to say thank you for the excellent job that you did and for continuing to bring our rather large family together!!
Alesha Ann Walker

From: Chantel Veazey (
Date: Wed Jan 13 23:38:05 1999

Me Too!

I'm a Veazey too. My father is Robert Leon Veazey born in 1944in Portland, Oregon.

From: Kristi O'Leary (
Date: Wed Jan 13 22:41:15 1999

Hi Ann,I'm the daughter of Kitty(Veazey)Simmons of Effingham Il, granddaughter of Charles William Veazey of Madisonville Ky, great granddaughter of Herman Veazey of Madisonville Ky,it was very interested to read about how many Veazey's there really are and the history of the Veazey name. Very nice web page you have. Hope to met you at one of the Veazey get togethers.

From: Rhoda Taylor Fone (
Date: Sun Jan 10 16:31:50 1999


Hi Ann. Your website is absolutely wonderful! I'm still convinced that James Monroe Veazey m. a daughter of my Samuel Hart although some of the Harts do not take my theory seriously. But the more I look at it, the more convinced I am.
Keep up the good work!

From: Sandy (
Date: Fri Jan 8 00:32:03 1999

Jesse Veazey


My grandfather was Jesse Veazey, married to Ollie McCoy~Veazey. Children are Ethel, Jesse, Claudine, Lorene, and my mother Gladys.

From: Richard Taylor (
Date: Tue Jan 5 20:31:16 1999

Veazeys and Coopwoods

Dear Ann,
Thanks for connecting my work on the Coopwoods to your Veazey line. Looks like an impressive site. Nice work.

From: Alex (Veasey) Hornbrook
Date: Thu Dec 31 22:30:47 1998

Very interesting

Great site1 My family is from Boston and has resided here ever since Michael Veasey came from Ireland in !8000"s

From: Bob Veazey, (G.R. Sr.) (
Date: Mon Dec 28 21:55:01 1998

Hi Ann

Son Bob Jr. has moved back to our area, at long last. Promoted to V.P of Crawford, Inc. (Independant claims agents--HQ Atlanta) and Manager of the North East Area--VA to Maine and the VA & PA border. We had our first Christmas together here since he left after his first marrage. We went down to VA Beach later Christmas day to be with Daughter Lynn and family. Great time. Greetings to you and all the VZ's, Joanie & Bob

From: Peggy Veazey Vredeveld (
Date: Fri Dec 18 22:21:23 1998

John Chambliss Veazey

I found recently, Ann, that I misspelled the middle name of my ancestor. I had spelled it Chandliss, but it's with a b. Chambliss. He was supposed to be in the 15th Regiment Mississippi troops in the Civil War. Sorry, for the error.


From: Richard Veazey (
Date: Tue Dec 15 04:14:30 1998

I never would have known

Great job on the page Ann, I never would have know there were that many of us.
I'm a decendent of Donald Veazey(New Orleans LA) who was a decendent of Andre Veazey(Pecan Island LA) who was a decendent of Ulysse Veazey(MD) at least that is how it was told to me


From: Nettie Craig (
Date: Sat Dec 12 11:34:51 1998


Ann, I found your site very interesting. I'm anxious to explore the Robinson connection with the Veazys.

From: Blair Slaughter (bsamtrwy)
Date: Tue Dec 1 22:21:04 1998


Hello. I am grandson of Steven Logan Veasey of Wake Co., NC formerly of Durham and Granville Co. Currently I live in Bear, DE so I guess I have taken the family back almost to its U.S. roots of Cecil Co. MD. Oddly enough, my grandfather Clifton Slaughter was from Stem, NC and later moved to Wake Co. where my parents met. My grandfathers did not know one another earlier, but had in fact lived in the same house in Granville county at different times! The Slaughters are of the Jacob Slaughter crowd formerly of Gemantown (Philadelphia) PA. Funny how one keeps stumbling over bones!
Thanks for the nice web page.

From: Ashley D. Veasey
Date: Mon Nov 30 11:05:44 1998


I would be interested to hear from any other UK Veasey's, or of any Veasey web site/information relating to UK Veasey's.....

From: Lawrence Vesey (
Date: Tue Nov 24 16:10:10 1998

Irish Cousins from County Roscommon

Hi, your site is very good. For anyone with Irish connections, have a look at my homepage

It is very interesting to see your coat of arms - the main part of it is identical to ours - as it the Norman connection in de Vesci

From: Don Perkins (
Date: Tue Nov 24 10:30:49 1998

The Difference Between Symbol ( ~ )

Ann & Wayne,

After I put on my glasses and realized that the character preceding Ann_... was not - but ~, I was able to access your page (the fact that I use a VGA monitor didn't help). I am not cheap, I am frugal.


From: Marilyn Watkins (
Date: Mon Nov 16 20:08:12 1998

Texas Veazeys

Certainly enjoyed your website and will be corresponding with you re Veazeys who ended up in Texas.

From: Michael Auran (
Date: Sun Nov 15 00:39:32 1998

Eliza H. Veazey

Thank you for the quick response. This will give me at least one line on each side of the family back 13 generations.

From: Anthony DeShon Veasey
Date: Thu Nov 5 18:54:55 1998

Thank You Ann

My name is Anthony I'm from North Litter Rock, Arkansas. My father name is John O. Veasey,Jr., my mother name is Joyce Veasey, my brother name is Andre Veasey. Now, I am attending college at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. Thank you for the web sit.

From: Anthony DeShon Veasey
Date: Thu Nov 5 18:48:40 1998

Ann this is a great web sit.

Ann if you have any information about Veasey's who live in Arkansas, give me the information about them.

From: michael james wright (
Date: Wed Nov 4 19:18:00 1998

searching for great great grandparents

The names I am researching are the following: Etienne and Emma Veazey from somewhere in France. These are my great,great grandparents on my fathers side of the family. They had a daughter named Celestine,my great grandmother. Also, four sons that I know of: Zack,Sam,Rayfield and Joseph. The only information that I have is that they came to Louisiana and the children were born in the Opelousas area. Hope my inquiry will result in more information. Thank you for any help. Michael Wright

From: Janet Lynn Veazey Sandford (
Date: Sun Nov 1 14:16:08 1998


I think this is a wonderful place to learn about your heritage. Growing up in Petersburg, VA, I was related to every VEAZEY in the phone book and thought it stopped there. But it doesn't. I am the daughter of Linwood Owen Veazey and Marian Nelson Veazey and have one brother, Phillip.

From: Linda Wilcox (
Date: Sat Oct 31 14:32:19 1998

Ann, this is an impressive site. Thanks for sharing so much of your hard work. L.

From: Keith (Veasey)
Date: Mon Oct 26 19:54:06 1998

Veazey-Veasey Website

Just surfin the net and thought I would drop in on the Veazey-Veasey Website.. I must say that I did enjoy the Website..

I am from the Alabama side..

Isn't it Great to be a Veazey-Veasey!!!


From: Terence Vasey (
Date: Mon Oct 19 16:37:13 1998

The English Connection

Please let me know if I can be of assistance in gaining information for you on the Vasey clan this side of the ocean.

I have a wealth of information particularly on the Midlands and SW branches of the family.

As distant relatives I all the help I give will be free of charge.

If anyone has knowledge of a Henry Vasey born abt 1828 in Foleshill, Warwickshire - father Thomas (a labourer) I would welcome the information.

Terry Vasey

From: Jon Michael Veazey (
Date: Sun Oct 18 19:35:22 1998

I'm currently living in Ohio with my two carbon copies Brandon who is 11 and Cindel at 18 months with my wife Sherry. My father's name is William Harden Veazey.

From: Ann, Hostess of Website
Date: Sat Oct 17 22:30:33 1998

Bill Ward passed away this week.

For all of my cousins who have either been to Cherry Grove, or heard us talk of it, will remember the "caretaker" of this ancestral Veazey home. He and Betty have been so generous in sharing it with the Veazey Family. His funeral will be held at Old Bohemia in Cecil County, at 11:00 am on Monday, October 19, 1998. Wayne and I will be attending. Please remember this family in your prayers.

From: Theresa Veasey (
Date: Fri Oct 9 22:13:54 1998

Hi there..... as you can see, my name is Theresa Veasey...... I am from Louisville, Kentucky.... My grandfather is Tyler Bernard Veasey... he was also from the Louisville area. 'Just wondering if you had any information on the Veaseys' from Louisville, Kentucky! Thanks!

From: Peter R, Veasey (
Date: Thu Sep 17 01:07:58 1998

Irish Veasey

I been told that my great grandfather James Veasey came over around 1876 and had 8 childern in Concord N.H. He then went to get some bread and never return. Rumor has it he went to Boston and started another family and then went back to Ireland and died on the way back.
What I am look for is any Irish Veaseys and any who have come out of New England area.
I hear there is a whole Island of Veaseys of the NW end of Ireland.

From: Bob Beasley (
Date: Wed Sep 16 00:03:02 1998

Margaret Veazey Beasley

My grandmother was Margaret S. Veazey, born July 3, 1885, married Frank Beasley (9/15/1878 - 6/2/1957) of Granville Co. NC and moved to Richmond VA in early 1900s. She had sons Clifford M., FrankJr., Eugene, and Leonard C. Beasley. She returned to NC in 1918 to nurse her mother, who was sick with the great post-war influenza epidemic, contracted the flu herself, died Jan. 7, 1919, and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond. I believe her mother died about that time as well.

Unfortunately, that's all I know about my Veazey ancestry, but I'm hoping to learn much more.

In any event, this is a very nice web site. Thanks for your effort.

Bob Beasley

From: Perry VEASEY (
Date: Sat Sep 12 08:51:56 1998

Veasey/Veazey Website

Hi Ann;
I met you several years ago at a Veasey Family Reunion in Elk Mills, (Cecil County, Md) Md., and purchased your book there. I live in southern California, so am away from my "roots", a bit, but have been following the website and am very impressed. My daughter Amy is going to attend Oxford University (on a trdae program fro Univ.of San Diego) for the 2nd term of 1999 and wondering if anyone out there may have any family contacts in the London, Oxford area. My wife and I plan to visit in May of 1999 and see that area as well as the Normandy area when our family originated. Any information or contact will be greatlt appreciated...

From: Michael (
Date: Sun Sep 6 20:05:12 1998


my name is Michael Veazey and I currently live in Jacksonville, NC I want to know who am I also related to?

From: Phillip S. Veazey (
Date: Wed Sep 2 10:39:29 1998

Another VZ heard from

I would like to put my name in the family registry. Phillip Scott, son of Linwood Owen and Marian Nelson Veazey. I'm originally from Petersburg, Va. and have lived in Pensacola, Florida since '74.

From: Alan Veazey (
Date: Tue Sep 1 22:28:44 1998

english Veazey

Just wanted to let anyone/everyone know of a British Veazey conection now residing here in Florida.
Moved here in May 98 to get remarried. If anyone wishes to contact me for any reasons regarding family history i will be happy to help if i can.

From: Robert W. Veazey (
Date: Sun Aug 30 15:14:27 1998


I was just checking you out on my uncle's suggestion. Nice work.

From: Brenda Richards (
Date: Sun Aug 30 01:34:53 1998

Veazey relation

Hi. I am Pryor Gardner Veazey(Warren County GA legislator)'s great granddaughter. If you need any information on his daughter Mattie branch, I can provide it. Thanks.

From: Peggy Veazey Vredeveld (
Date: Fri Aug 28 14:25:54 1998

Veazey Relatives

I am the daughter of John Morris Veazey of Blytheville, AR. He was the son of John Chandliss Veazey of McCrory, AR. I am trying to find out anything I can about the John Chandliss Veazey who served in the 15th Mississippi something during the Civil War. He was supposed to have served with Bedford Forrest. Anyone know anything.

Also, I heard there might be a Veazey reunion in Little Rock AR next year. Sure would like to be there. My day had 3 brothers and 2 sisters who settled around Cotton Plant AR and we have lots of Veazeys near or around Little Rock.

Thanks, for the Web page, Ann.


From: Charles Coy Cozart (
Date: Fri Aug 21 14:42:52 1998

Great Site!

Thanks for inviting me to your site. You are doing a fantastic and very unselfish service, especially for distant kin just getting started in geneology such as I. I'll be visiting your site often and hopefully trading notes with you occasionally.

From: Erin C. Veazey (
Date: Thu Aug 20 13:15:57 1998

I had no idea!

Wow! I knew that our family history went back a ways but I had no idea that it was like this. Am very interested to learn more. I am also going to tell my dad and grandparents so that they can find out more info.

Erin Veazey in Overland Park, KS

From: Teresa Bullock Morey (moreyt@gte,net)
Date: Tue Aug 18 11:21:22 1998

Job Well Done

I was surfing the net on geneology and came upon your address. I too, like many was imressed by your web page. But most of all I am impressed by your preservence in researching your family. I live here in Butner and have heard alot of you from Eddie Smith. I even had the pleasure of meeting you once when we were doing the Camp Butner Reunion. I have been working on my family history for several years "BULLOCK, JACKSON, MOSS", from around the Stem area, and I am having trouble going past my great-great grandfather. Do you have any of the lines in your family? Thanks and keep up the great work.....Teresa

From: Renee Woods Roderiques (
Date: Sat Aug 15 19:05:33 1998

Your invitation to visit accepted!

Ann -
A wonderful website. Thanks for inviting me over to see it. I particularly enjoy the story of the Jemima book, and am glad to see that it had a very happy, ending.

From: Dorothy Lee Annestedt Busby (
Date: Sat Aug 15 10:19:17 1998

Finally found my Veazey Roots, con't.

I live in Florida with my husband and 2 teenage sons. We moved here 2 years ago to be closer to my mother who is the ggrand-daughter of Samantha B. Veazey. She will be so excited when she finds out that I have finally found Samantha's family.
I am a nurse just as my grandmother was a nurse. As you can see, I believe in family traditions.
Hope to hear from my Veazey cousins soon.


Dorothy L. Busby, (

From: Dorothy Lee Annestedt Busby (
Date: Sat Aug 15 10:03:59 1998

Finally found my Veazey Roots

My Grandmother, Wilmoth Lee Golay Nagle started the search for our family roots about 20 years ago. She was never able to find the names of her grandmother's parents. Her grandmother was Samantha B. Veazey who married Henry Newton Alexander in August of 1867. She was still searching for their names when she died in 1993. It was one of the saddest days of my life as my grandmother and I were very close. I promised her then that I would carry on the search for our family heritage. I was able to trace the Alexander side of the family back to the 800's AD in Scotland and all the relations to the royal families of Europe. I wish she could have been alive to see all of this coming together.
I came across this web site purely by accident while searching other sites for Veazey's. There were so few leads to be followed that I was beginning to lose hope of ever finding Samantha's parents and the rest of her ancestors.
I live in Florida with my husband

From: Kitty Veazey Simmons (
Date: Thu Aug 13 22:42:42 1998

Veazey Family

Ann, what a wonderful feeling of family one gets from reading this site. I only wish my Dad had lived long enough to enjoy this. I had never been very interested in the family history until you spread the Vz fever with the reunion in Madisonville last year. I hope to be able to connect with more of my family in the near future. I know my family is a bunch of wonderful people, and from the feel I get from your guests, the rest of the Vz's are pretty great too! Keep up the fantastic work.

From: Margie Canon (
Date: Tue Aug 11 18:40:06 1998

Veazey in Mississippi


What a wonderful site! My interest in
genealogy began with wanting to find out
where my Great Aunt Ella Canon Davis is
buried. I have been searching for over
a year now and I realized that in order
to find her, I needed to know about her
relatives. Ella's father, William
Alexander Canon had a half sister named
Josephine (Josie) Hill. She either
married an Ellis Veazey or one of her
daughters did. (probably in Mississippi)
I would like to contact descendants to
find out what information they might
have concerning Ella Canon Davis. Anyone
who even might have some clues for me,
please contact me at
Margie Canon in Mississippi

From: Cassie Dandridge Selleck (
Date: Mon Aug 10 06:12:30 1998

Veazey Family

Imagine my excitement to find this site and show to my mother, Patricia Veazey Dandridge, who barely remembers her father, "Daddy Jack" Veazey. This is unbelievable!!!

From: Donald P Vesey (
Date: Sat Aug 8 19:34:31 1998


My heart is still beating fast after find your Web site.
When I saw the Family crest I knew this will help me trace my ancestory.

From: Clarence Lee (
Date: Fri Jul 24 23:32:57 1998


Finally got around to the site. I'm sure it a lot of work. Good Job.

From: Melissa Cummins (
Date: Fri Jul 24 19:05:53 1998

Veasey/veazey family

I am a decendent of the Veasey family, as yet not thoroughly documented. The name Veazey (Veasy) has carried through the maternal side of my father's family for many generations. My father is Melville Wayne Cummins. His grandfather was Robert Veasy Alexander Jr.. R.V. Alexander, Sr. and Andrew Alexander (both buried in Sullivan County, MO are further ancestors.) We believe that Andrew's father was Robert Veasy, son of Andrew Alexander, who was a son of Robert Alexander who married Lucy Veazey of Cecil County, Md.

We are now researching this Veazey line. Andrew Alexander, (father of R.V. Sr.) married Phoebe LaRue in Virginia. The family migrated to Coles County, ILL, Sullivan County, MO and on to Washington State.

From: Donald E. Hester (
Date: Mon Jul 13 19:56:03 1998


Nice page Ann. I don't think I found what you ment for me to find but I'll keep looking.

From: Fred Laredo (
Date: Sun Jul 5 03:27:39 1998

Gladys Veazey, Armand Veazey, Chester Veazey and Shirley Veazey

These are my 4 veazey relatives. All lived in New Orleans. Do you have any geneological info on them?

From: John Pecarina (
Date: Sat Jul 4 20:06:04 1998

Fine Work

Ann; you have a very good looking web site - lots of interesting items. I'll be getting back to you with my Cozart items; the information you provided pretty well confirmed my suspicions that previous researchers were wrong

From: Tonya Brewton Veazey (
Date: Wed Jul 1 01:05:03 1998

I'm married to John E. Veazey from Lake Charles, LA. His father is Paul Leonard Veazey. If the rest of the Veazeys are as wonderful as my husband's family, then y'all are a wonderful bunch of people!

From: Ann V. Davis - herself (
Date: Mon Jun 29 19:56:10 1998

6th Annual Veazey-Veasey Reunion

A message for all of our visitors to let them know that the final count for the 1998 reunion in Chattanooga was 210 Veazey-Veasey cousin. Our hosts, Gene and Phyllis Veazey, and Jon Terry and Anne Veazey, planned super entertainment, beginning with the river boat dinner cruise on the beautiful Tennessee River. The Acquariam and IMax Theater were outstanding, as was our final Saturday banquet, when we met and were entertained by our talented cousin, Tim Veazey! Watch the "Reunions" space for pictures of this event in the near future.

From: Carol Marie 'Domec' Manovich (
Date: Thu Jun 18 11:10:03 1998

Theodore Andre Veazey

I am the great grandaughter of Theodore A. Veazey
My Grandmother was- Adele Veazey- Her Parents were - Theodore A. Veazey and Marie Emilie Ditch from Pecan Island Louisiana
I am pleased to fined this Page
I live in Pasadena Texas

From: Tommy Cole (
Date: Tue Jun 16 23:35:21 1998

Jamia Veazey

Re: Our conversation tonight on Jamia (this the the spelling we have) Veazey who married my great-grandfather William Sidney Cole around 1869 and had 7 children (one of which was Shady Robert - my grandfather). She was the 1st of 3 wives. It was good to talk to you and I look forward to talking to you again.

(Thomas Davis Cole)

From: Joan Murphy (
Date: Tue Jun 16 17:43:20 1998

Finding My Roots

Am a member of the mysterious Alexander City family. Although it has been 50 years since I attended a reunion, the Veazey web page makes me want to connect with family near and far.

From: Katherine Veazey Wagner (
Date: Mon Jun 15 11:24:50 1998



Although I've enjoyed all of your website, this is the first time I've read the guest book. It was quite enjoyable---and how nice to know there are so many people out there who know how to spell the name correctly! I am still searching for VZs in Florida; descendents of my great-uncle Daniel, who was born in St. Louis. I'd love to hear from some cousins!

From: Lisa Baynes (
Date: Tue Jun 9 22:47:52 1998


Hi Ann! Wonderful page!!I am trying to sort out my Veazey roots like all the rest here I guess.
My line is from Greene Co. GA descended from Jesse Veazey. Continue the marvelous work.

From: Cris (
Date: Sun Jun 7 09:13:07 1998


I was here. τΏ~ Cris

From: Harry Wind (
Date: Sat Jun 6 14:50:56 1998

Samuel Veasey inquiry on GenForum

Thank you for responding to my GenForum inquiry concerning my great grandfather, Samuel Veasey. More importantly, thank you for introducing me to your fascinating Website. I know much about my great grandfather during his residence in Phila from 1870 to his death in 1886, but nothing prior to this period except his birth year (1833) and birthplace (Delaware). As I mentioned in GenForum, he has always been rumored to have been a Native American. I will provide you with all I know about him if you think that there might be a familial connection to your Veazey/Veasey family. Please contact me via eMail if you are interested and if you have any further suggestions about how I can check out the connection you already suggested in your last eMail to me. Thank you so much. Harry Wind

From: Gilbert H. Rowell (
Date: Wed Jun 3 00:19:05 1998

Veazy Too!

Ann, I have been in search of my Rowell family with little success. It's good to find some info on the Veazy side of my mother's family. My grandmother was Marie Veazy of White Plains, GA, (Greene County, I think). I'll be back to visit your site later when I have more time. It's good to know it's here for further study. Thanks.

From: Deloris Coulter Veazey (
Date: Mon Jun 1 18:19:29 1998


Hello, My dad was Herbert Veazey(1914-1988) of Hot Springs, Ar , his Dad Charles Curtis Veazey , my Great Grandfather was David Scott Veazey,great-great Grandfather ,Elza Veazey, and great-great-great grandfather John Veazey. I've really enjoyed your web site,and would like to know the meaning of the Veazey coat of arms.

From: Jann Woodard (
Date: Fri May 29 21:03:25 1998

Veazey webpage

Great page, Ann! What a stroke of luck to find your book at the Arkansas History Commission last week. I've been working on the Fielding Veazey family of Bradley County, Arkansas for some 15 years and never crossed paths with anyone else researching the line. I am very happy to find your webpage.

From: Jake Veasey (
Date: Fri May 29 10:22:29 1998

Hello from London, England

I happened upon your website by accident, and was very surprised to see such an extensive Veasey/Veazey clan in the USA. I would be interested to hear if you knew any of the histrory of the Veasey/Veazey's prior to arrival in the USA.

From: Page Keith Veazey (VEAZEY_PK@JUNO.COM)
Date: Wed May 27 08:36:42 1998

Hi Ann,
I love the webpages. I will be at the Chattanooga reunion and will bring some 3 1/2" floppies that have digital pictures from the Cecil County reunion. If you need any pictures digitized, I will be happy to do it for you. I also have a digital camera and will be taking some pictures at the June reunion.

From: Eleanor Mayfarth (
Date: Tue May 26 20:00:21 1998

Updated Website

Beautiful Job, Ann

From: Grace Hawke (
Date: Tue May 26 14:46:29 1998


I'm very impressed with all your hard work and the very professional set-up. Impressed, not surprised. Nice work, Ann! Love, Grace

From: Ann H. Stewart (
Date: Thu May 14 21:09:25 1998

Francis-Veazy family in Hopkins Co

Jesse Pearl Adams 6/18/1862-3/25/1930, who married Mark M. Veazy 1852-1914, was my grandmother's first cousin! Their mothers - Sarah WAshington Francis, 2/12/1834-7/1/1911 who m. John Quincy Adams, 3/121/1829-4/19/1903, and Henrietta Maria Francis, 3/4/1847 -3/18/1936, who m. Robert Owen Jones 6/20/1847-7/4/1936, were sisters! Cousin Jessie's sister Mary Belle Adams married Co. James L. Burchfield, also from Hopkinsville. Cousin Jessie's daughter Artemisia, my dear old cousin Artie lived here in Louisville for years, and stayed with my dad for a while after my mother passed away. Her daughter, whose married name is Davis still lives in Louisville, I think! What happened to Mary Ella Veazy, born 1894 She married l. Claude Cox 2. Mount Rains. Died in FL I think,please write.

From: Joy Warren (
Date: Tue May 5 08:39:08 1998


I enjoyed looking at your page this morning. I've been checking out MaryAnn's sites!

From: Patricia Crooks (
Date: Fri May 1 19:55:29 1998


My great, great grandparents were John Olive and Holland Bowden. After Holland died, John married her sister, Mary Bowden Veazey, widow of Fielding L. Veazey. Your web page is very nice. Enjoyed reading your guestbook also. Pat

From: Janice Barnett Craft (
Date: Fri May 1 05:58:09 1998


Hi, Ann! Just me to say I think your web site is very attractive.

From: Jeanne Foster Clark (
Date: Wed Apr 29 20:28:17 1998

Great Web Site

I have just joined Tripod because I was reading the messages people left and all of a sudden there weren't any more after Jan. I am hoping to find the rest of them now that I am a member. As you know, but others do not, my Mother was Lillie Harris Veazey who was the daughter of William Bee Warren Veazey (11/25/1856-8/10/1933). I keep seeing him referred to as a business man from Spartanburg, SC. His father was Thomas Jefferson Veazey and his father was John Veazey who was married to Elizabeth Gardner. I would love to hear from others who are connected to this line. See you in Chattanooga!

From: Anne Daniel Summerlin (
Date: Mon Apr 27 19:12:35 1998


As you can see I finally made it with all the /'s,_'s and love that (~). We will be in Durham
within the next three weeks. Will call you then.
Wish we could go to Chattanooga. Will be thinking of you. When you get time, please let me know the address of our cousins in Charlotte. Have you heard anything else from Patricia Daniel? I lost track with everything going on. I haven't been able to get any information from my aunts on the Daniel side, but even with all the family names, Osborne, Allen, Rueban (Daniel), I haven't been able to determine if we are related.
Your web pages are great and are very impressive.
I feel very fortunate to be your cousin and be part of the Veasey/Veazey Clan. Did you have the newspaper clipping on Johnny's baseball career?

From: Joe James (
Date: Sun Apr 26 09:26:37 1998

WEB Page & Andrews clan

I was reminded of your visit to my web-site yesterday when I ran into a cousin who just got back from Hillsboro. He was able to visit the grave of William Andrews out there. He said it was presently unmarked, but some of the Andrews in the area were able to show him where it was located. He also said they thought he had the Andrews look: tall with big ears. He enjoyed it, and said they treated him awful nice even though he was from Arkansas.

A group of us plan to come to NC in the fall to see the old Andrews stomping grounds.

Joe James

From: Kyle J. Veazey (
Date: Tue Apr 21 23:23:35 1998

Just got online today

Great website as far as I can see - time restricts me going further. I won't be able to make it to Chattanooga this year because I was accepted into the Governor's School for Tennessee Heritage...Haven't told Margaret yet. E-mail me soon.

From: Charlie Weaver (
Date: Mon Apr 20 20:00:37 1998


Very nice Ann. Will keep an eye out for Joseph.

From: Gary Ellis (
Date: Sun Apr 19 15:16:50 1998

Luecretia Ann Veazey

I have some of the family history that you may like to have?

From: Ed Hall (
Date: Sat Apr 18 23:50:26 1998

Thank You

Thank you again for all the help you have provided with my "Hall" Search. You provided me with more information in one gulp than I expected to find in three months! Your Emails are like a link back home. Best of the best to you...

From: Joy L. Hill (
Date: Wed Apr 15 04:09:32 1998

veazey name

My maiden name is Joy L. Veazey and I was just doing some research on the Veazey name and came across the site. Looks very interesting! Will add it to my bookmarks.

From: Douglas Hale Veazey (
Date: Sat Apr 11 23:44:43 1998

your book

I am interested in your book. I would appreciate if you would send me details on your book and how to get a copy.
Thank you,

From: Douglas Hale Veazey (
Date: Fri Apr 10 21:20:28 1998

message from Ann Drown about Ezekiel L. Veazey and Jesse Veazey-Attala County, MS

Thank you for the information you provided Ann Drown. Can you tell me if Ezekiel is a direct descedant of John Veazey from Essex, England? I am interested in tracing the lineage and want to know if I'm on the right track. Any other information concerning this family would be appreciated.

From: James Steven Veazey (
Date: Fri Apr 10 17:13:32 1998


Great site Ann,
I am a second generation Texan. My dad was James
Sidney Veazey, born in Salina, Texas in 1914. His
dad was Jefferson Spencer Veazey, born either in
Oklahoma or Arkansas. My dad always told me that
our decendents came out of Alabama. I am just now
starting my own search. Thanks.

From: Christopher Mitchell Veazey (
Date: Thu Apr 9 22:36:41 1998

Great Website!

I'm Christopher Mitchell Veazey, son of James Anson Veazey, grandson of William Ellsworth Veazey. (Military lines so we've all moved around a lot! My aunt Katherine Veazey Wagner (James' sister) is our family's geneaologist; she told me about this site.
I'd be interested in getting a copy of your book!
My wife, Tracie, and I have a son, Maxwell Thomas, and daughter Anna Katherine.
Our website is
Do you mind if I link to the Veazey/Veasey page from mine?

From: Claud Eaton (
Date: Thu Mar 26 19:33:03 1998

Your site

Cool! Quick to download and fab artwork. Love your picture.

From: Mary-jo Hall (
Date: Fri Mar 20 08:36:28 1998

Article you sent Miriam (Jo) Hall

Great tribute and linkage to roots. Can we either link to it or put it on the Vanessa Louise Hall Memorial Scholarship website under McMannen. Thanks for all that you do with the history of the Veazey family.

From: Don Veasey (
Date: Tue Mar 3 19:00:05 1998

Good job Ann

Ann went to see J.W and enjoy the visit. J.W was doing good. Pat was not there she was gone on a cruise.
Do you know a William Veazey lives in Minneapolis
,MN. You are doing a good job on this. Don Vz.

From: Cris (
Date: Tue Mar 3 07:09:51 1998

Hi. Got in but had to do it thru Netscape (you asked how I'd do thru AOL). Nice page. Will explore a bit more. Cris

From: Nancy and Robert Kasting
Date: Fri Feb 27 23:04:31 1998

Veazey History

Dear Ann, Thank you for all yours years of research on the family.
Robert and Nancy

From: Jim & Alicia Veazey (
Date: Fri Feb 27 16:57:04 1998

Thanks for the time you have contributed toward the history of the Veazey name. We enjoyed visiting your site and will check back often!

From: Robert Kasting (
Date: Tue Feb 24 23:05:41 1998

Web Site

I found the site today after I received your E-mail. My wife's mother was Opal Veazey from Hopkins Co. Ky. But I am the family geneologist. I look forward to using the site in the future.

From: Jim Ryan (
Date: Wed Feb 18 21:05:24 1998

Veasey in Alabama

Like your page. My grgrgrandmother was Emmily Veasey born in Georgia and died in Alabama in 1895. I don't have much more information on this family.

From: Aubrey & Marie (
Date: Wed Feb 11 15:47:34 1998

web page

We found it! Enjoyed it very much.

Date: Fri Feb 6 13:40:46 1998


Hi, Ann. Enjoyed your webpage!

The book Kyle Kendrick mentioned is "COSSART OR
COZART", by Mary Ethel TILLEY.

There is, also, a compilation by Norene Cox BROWN:
1985. This family is connected to the NC family.

I do research in Granville, Caswell, Orange, & Person Cos., NC. Some of the family names are:

Are you aware of Gloria (ODOM) TROMMLER, who did
have a webpage on geocities?

From: seth warner (
Date: Thu Feb 5 16:39:30 1998


The Veasey website is impressive. Makes me want to do one for Umsteads.

From: Shauna Marie Casey Veazey (
Date: Thu Feb 5 10:24:20 1998

Veazey/Veasey Reunion

Thank you for finding my e-mail address. I just married into the Veazey family September 20, 1997. The family I married into is rather large and I am sure that they would love to know more about the Veazey history.

From: Bill Veazey (VZBUNCH@AOL.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 3 17:12:52 1998


Hi there,

The Web Site looks good. I'll let you know when I get mine done. It won't be any time soon.

Santa Bill Veazey

From: Betsy 'Beaver' Brodie Roberts (
Date: Fri Jan 30 01:45:50 1998


Great page. I am working on my Davis side. Have "we" tied your Davis family
with my Davis family from Warren County other than through Mary Exxum Burt Veazey and
Ruth Anne Fisher Veazey?

From: Eddie McCreary (
Date: Thu Jan 29 00:04:37 1998


Ann, a very nice web page. Have some of you info from someone that attended one of your reunions. How can I obtain a copy of you book.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Grandson of Adel Veazey, Vermillion Parish, La.
Eddie A. McCreary

From: Owen Veazey (Tazzz1000)
Date: Mon Jan 26 17:25:48 1998


Hello cousin,
Received the book you sent, today. I found it very interesting. I haven't read to much of it yet. The military keeps me very busy so most of my free time is spent with the family. I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the book.
I'm so glad dad found you on the net. It's the only thing he talks about these days. The fact that he found you has perked him up alot. I guess he told you his health is not all that good. Well need to stop yacking and get to work. Thanks again for the book.

From: William M. (Bill) Veasey (
Date: Tue Jan 20 16:41:29 1998

Hello and thanks!

Dear Ann,

My dad, Haywood Daniel Veasey, was the genealogist in my branch of the family for many years. He's now in his eighty's and unable to do much anymore. I'm truly glad to learn about your book and the work that it represents and I'm sure dad will be too.

How can I get a copy of the book?

Thanks again,

Bill Veasey (a name that I used to think was fairly unique!)

From: Gary L. Veazey, Sr. (
Date: Mon Jan 19 19:46:57 1998

Hello Ann

It's great to hear of this site. It's really neat. Sorry I haven't been able to come to too many reunions since moving to Texas, but I'm keeping up with the information. Keep up the good work. By the way, there is an addition to my immediate family. Our son, Gary L., Jr (b.1/10/74) married Leigh Anne Smith (b.4/27/74 in Charlotte, NC). They were married in Charlotte on 9/23/95. Her parents, Larry and Brenda Smith are from Abermarle, NC, and now reside in Charlotte. Gary, Jr. graduated from UNCC in May 1997 with a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration. Leigh Anne graduated from CCC in May 1995 with a diploma in Dential Hygiene.

That's about all the new news. Hope to keep in touch.

Love, Gary (Link's eldest)

From: Michael Edward Veazey (
Date: Fri Jan 16 15:59:22 1998

Well Ann, you made it to the NET...


You finnally made it to the Net and I must say that you have made a "GRAND" entrance. This is a very nice WEB Page. I really believe that some of the mysteries will begin to be solved because of this NET presence. It's been ages since we talked. I am one of the lost Veazey's, probably descended from the Pennsylvania clan. Have been in contact with Dennis A. and was unable to come up with any connections. You already have all of my family research in your files. We are currently living in Texas. Please E'mail me whenever you have any kind of info that might be helpful in my research...

Thanks for all you've done & continue to do,

From: Decia Simms (
Date: Thu Jan 15 18:22:33 1998

Looking forward to meeting you in person in TN in '98

I have met some new PRICE/VEAZEY descendants who came out of Tallapoosa Co., AL. Will bring copies to TN in June for your perusal. The oldest is John Henry Veazey b 1876 and m. Emma Jane Thomas. Do you already have this information?
I like your web site and look forward to meeting more VEAZEY/ VEASEYs.

From: Ruth Kearns (
Date: Mon Jan 12 18:28:53 1998

Ann: I really enjoyed our phone chat and am glad I connected with your great web-site. Am looking forward to reading the Veazey book! Hooray for ancestors and dedicated reseachers like you!

From: Larry Hinsley (
Date: Fri Jan 9 22:13:41 1998

Great looking site!!

Just surfing around this evening and wanted to drop in on the Veazeys. The page is looking great. I can only imagine what this site will look like in the future. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Larry Hinsley & Karol Veazey Hinsley
Nashville, TN

From: Donna Potter Phillips (
Date: Fri Jan 9 17:23:23 1998

Congrats & Kudos

Ann, just browsing around on a 21o afternoon, and
found your site (courtesy of Eastman's newsletter). You've done a dandy job!! Congrats!
Hope you're not stretched too thin.

From: Don R. Veazey (
Date: Fri Jan 9 10:34:47 1998


Hello Ann,

Just visited your homepage and wanted to tell you "Nice Job!" Happy New Year from Las Cruces, NM.


From: Russell Veazey (
Date: Thu Jan 8 20:10:43 1998

First time visitor

Your web site is very comprehensive, Ann. I first heard of you last year when a gentleman who was passing through Denver ( I've forgotten his name, but his last name was a Veazey) called me out of the blue. He said that whenever he visited a new city he would call all of the Veazey's in the phone book just to check if they were related or not. He told me about the reunion each year and gave me your address. I have just begun my research into my family background. I'm just at the beginning of a long journey. Its nice to meet other "travelers" along the way.

From: Pat Gohlke (
Date: Tue Jan 6 23:16:13 1998

Veazy / Davis

I have a John Veazy, Jr. m.Elizabeth Gardner in 1819. The Gardners lived in Halifax Co. NC. Eliz. sister Sarah Gardner was my gggg grandmother
Their parents were Pryor Gardner and Drusilla Rose. On the Davis side I have a Benjamin Davis m.
Elizabeth Daniel. Their daug. Elizabeth m. Hezekiah Eastland. Eliz. and Hezekiah were my gggg grandparents also. He was b. in SC and then to AL and MS. I would like to know more about the Davis family and the Gardner family.
If we make a connecion on either of these. Thanks,

From: Jan E. Dunham (
Date: Sun Jan 4 14:14:15 1998


Ann - you've done a beautiful job!

I'm still trying to "unscramble" my Veasey/Veazey line and connect to the proper ancestor.


From: Elliot Cohen (
Date: Sun Jan 4 03:56:39 1998


A very well layed out site. I am very Impressed, and as my Brother is also researching my family's Geneology, I will recomend this site to him

From: MaryAnn Davis Powell (
Date: Sat Jan 3 13:23:52 1998

Your new guestbook!

Happy New Year, Mom! Here's a little something to spice up your page!